11 Sandwich Cake Recipes That Will Be the Talk of ALL Your Parties (2024)

Girls, get ready for what's shaping up to be a great year with news of the most-anticipated new music for 2024! We've been living in a weird time warp the past couple of years, but we're finally about to be blessed with spring movies and new album releases that are going to single-handedly save pop culture — and... country music?! From Beyoncé to Vampire Weekend, our roundup includes genres that everyone can happily move their feet to. Here's all the new music we're looking forward to this year!

Here's The Most-Anticipated New Music For 2024

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Image via Beyoncé / IG

Beyoncé + Renaissance: Act II, Cowboy Carter (March 29)

Not only did the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, but Beyoncé managed to break the internet by sharing that she has new music on the way via her Verizon commercial. Although fans knew she was going to release a follow-up to Renaissance, Beyoncé was tight-lipped about when it could be expected. However, the wait is over!

While Renaissance paid homage to house music and the culture that made it popular, the second act, titled "Cowboy Carter," is going to be a huge nod to country. She's already released two singles — "16 CARRIAGES" and "TEXAS HOLD 'EM" — that are triggering excitementon social media. Many, including us, are ready to "yeehaw" our way into spring with our cowgirl boots and hats.

Bey shared more about her challenges making Renaissance: Act II in an Instagram post detailing how isolating it is, as a Black woman, to be welcomed in the country music genre.

"The criticisms I faced when I first entered this genre forced me to propel past the limitations that were put on me," the caption reads. "Act ii is a result of challenging myself, and taking my time to bend and blend genres together to create this body of work."

She also revealed that there'll be s"a few surprises" on the album, as she's collaborated with "brilliant artists who I deeply respect." We can only hope that means there's a Taylor Swift feature on there! 😉

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Image via Taylor Swift/UMG

Taylor Swift + The Tortured Poets Department (April 19)

It's almost time to for love and poetry to also help set the tone for spring with the upcoming release of The Tortured Poets Department— AKA TS11! While we can't get enough of her relationship with Travis Kelce, the Swifties need more lyrics to quote in our captions. While she hasn't released a single from it yet, Taylor did share the official track list for it and our hearts are already filled with emotion at the titles.

Side A

  • Fortnight (feat. Post Malone)
  • The Tortured Poets Department
  • My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys
  • Down Bad

Side B

  • So Long, London
  • But Daddy I Love Him
  • Fresh Out the Slammer
  • Florida!!! (Florence + the Machine)

Side C

  • Guilty as Sin?
  • Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?
  • I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)
  • loml

Side D

  • I Can Do It With a Broken Heart
  • The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived
  • The Alchemy
  • Clara Bow
  • Bonus Track: The Manuscript


USHER, Pheelz - Ruin (Official Music Video)

Usher + Coming Home (Released February 9)

Who's here after Usher's magnetic halftime show at the Super Bowl? Our knees are still trying to recover from dancing along to the top hits he performed last night, but that's okay! For those of us who felt like the time went by too quick because we were having a lot of fun, Brit + Co is happy to share you can keep the party going by listening to Usher's new studio album Coming Home.

Listen to his new single "Ruin" for a taste of what your can expect to hear with his new music.



Kim Petras + slu*t Pop Miami (February 14)

Kim Petras isn't known for biting her tongue and is releasing something that lovers of smut books will enjoy hearing in the form of slu*t Pop Miami. Based on the teaser of "Can We F***," we think early 2000s summer melodies mixed with suggestive lyrics are going to be the basis of this album. Seriously, get into the track list:

  1. slu*t Pop Reprise
  2. Gag On It
  3. f*ckin' This, f*ckin' That
  4. Banana Boat
  5. Get f*cked
  6. Rim Job
  7. co*ck Blocker
  8. Butt slu*tt
  9. Head Head Honcho
  10. Cubana
  11. Whale co*ck
  12. Can We f*ck?


Jennifer Lopez - Can't Get Enough (feat. Latto) [Official Music Video]

Jennifer Lopez + This Is Me...Now (February 16)

We're a just a few days away from the debut of This Is Me...Now, and we can't wait to hear how much Jennifer Lopez has grown since her last album. It's meant to be a musical journey that explores her experiences since the release of This Is Me...Then, and even includes an updated love ballad to her husband Ben Affleck.


Faye Webster - Feeling Good Today (Official Video)

Faye Webster + Undressed at the Symphony (March 1)

Faye Webster wants us to start acknowledging life's simple pleasures with her new music. Similar to the TikTok sound that features the enchanting, "I think I like this little life," Webster's single "Feeling Good Today" reminds viewers that today's pleasures are all that matter. We imagine the entirety of Undressed at the Symphony will follow suit.


Tyla - Truth or Dare (Official Music Video)

Tyla + Tyla (March 1)

Tyla's single "Water" had us whining our waists with its melodic beat and her sweet vocals so it was only a matter of time before she shared the date of her new album. Her conversation with Harper's Bazaar highlights what listeners can expect from Tyla. She said, "Where I am from is everything...South Africa is literally me as an artist. I am bringing it wherever I go.”


Ariana Grande - yes, and? (official music video)

Ariana Grande + Eternal Sunshine (March 8)

It's been a few years since Ariana Grande released a new album, but she's coming back full force after announcing a release date for Eternal Sunshine. This will be her seventh album and — if you believe in numerology — it's alleged that the number seven symbolizes the completion of a cycle. This means we can probably expect this album to be full of new energy that'll serve as the soundtrack for our own lives — at least that's how we felt after listening to Ariana's single "yes, and?"

P.S. If you're feeling totally hyped for this, you're not alone — Billie Eilish even expressed her anticipation of Eternal Sunshine while talking to CBS News last week!


Kacey Musgraves - Deeper Well (Official Music Video)

Kacey Musgraves + Deeper Well (March 15)

Clearly, it's time for a little country to dominate the charts. As reported by Pitchfork, Kacey Musgraves described her new album Deeper Well as being something where "you get blown off course, but eventually find your footing and forage for new inspiration, new insight, and deeper love somewhere else." Given how tough life can feel at times, Deeper Well is appropriately titled.


Justin Timberlake - Selfish (Official Video)

Justin Timberlake + Everything I Thought It Was (March 15)

Say whatever you want, but Justin Timberlake is ready to explain himself with his new album Everything I Thought It Was.


Only God Was Above Us (Album Trailer)

Vampire Weekend + Only God Was Above Us (April 5)

Vampire Weekend's last LP Father of the Bride was came out in 2019, so it's safe to say that they've been thoroughly missed. What's cool is that Pitchfork shared Ezra Koenig "wrote most of the lyrics for Only God Was Above Us in 2019 and 2020. With two singles – "Capricorn" and "Gen-X Cops" — releasing in a couple of days, we're positive they're going to solidify why this is one of our most-anticipated albums of 2024.


Sia and Kylie Minogue - Dance Alone (Lyric Video)

Sia + Reasonable Woman (May 3)

Sia's pen game is noteworthy as she's given us hits like "Chandelier " and "Unstoppable" over the years. Now she's back with a new album called Reasonable Woman. Her single "Dance Alone" features one of the queens of dance music, Kylie Minogue, and helps us have a better understanding of the album's energy.

Forbes also shared that listeners will be able to hear collabs with Chaka Khan and Paris Hilton. It's not like we needed another reason, but this cements Reasonable Woman as being one of the most-anticipated albums of the year.


Lana Del Rey - Take Me Home, Country Roads (Official Audio)

Lana Del Ray + Lasso (September 2024)

We can't be the only ones who still play "Summertime Sadness" like it's was just released yesterday, right? Luckily, we'll have more music to add to our Spotify playlists once she finally releases Lasso to the public. The musical direction of this album has country roots and is the result of working with producer Jack Antonoff, as reported byBillboard.

Most-Anticipated New Music Without Release Dates Yet


SZA + Lana (Unknown Release Date)

After winning the Best Progressive R&B Album for SOS at the 2024 Grammys, fans have been wondering when SZA will release new music. Despite not having an official release date, SZA actually teased that an album's already been in the works with a series of alleged album covers on Instagram. Variety shared that Lana was meant to be a deluxe version of SOS by adding "7 to 10 songs to the original album," but that plan changed. Instead, SZA told the outlet that Lana is "...definitely turning into its own album." Yay!


Lady Gaga (New Music TBD)

Lady Gaga is back in the studio, so we definitely think a new album could be in the works! While her caption on Instagram is incredibly cryptic, we can't help but hope that we're going to get a glimpse of Gaga in her "Bad Romance" era. Plus, fans think there may be a "Telephone" reunion with Beyoncé, based on some of Bey's recent visuals...we can only hope!


Dua Lipa on Her Very Detailed Daily Schedule, Notebook of Song Lyrics, New Album & Albanian Sayings

Dua Lipa (New Music TBD)

Dua Lipa knows there's no such thing as writing too many songs when you're an artist, and said as much during her Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance a few days ago. She told the Kimmel that she physically "wrote 97 songs" for her upcoming album that's been in the works for a while. However, this doesn't mean all of them will make the cut for the album's final track list.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Camila Cabello (New Music TBD)

It's been a long two years since Cabello's release of Familia, but we've been patiently waiting for her to share a new music update. The singer recently wiped her Instagram clean aside one reel and three images, and we have a feeling that this is strategic. Is she going full Taylor-Swift-Reputation-Mode? Only time will tell!

Which most-anticipated albums are you looking forward to playing non-stop this year? Let us know and follow the convo on Facebook!

Lead images via Beyoncé, Kacey Musgraves, Justin Timberlake, and Taylor Swift.

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11 Sandwich Cake Recipes That Will Be the Talk of ALL Your Parties (2024)
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