Become A Bigo Host - Bigo Live Host Salary, Payment & Target (2024)

Bigo Live has 2 types of hosts- Bigo Official Host & Regular Host.

Bigo Official Host

Bigo official hosts are those streamers who work with bigo under a signed contract directly with Bigo or viarecruitment agencies. Official bigo Hosts have to makemonthly targetsof gifts and hours as mentioned in a chart below. After achieving target hosts receive bonus income which is based on targets level.

Bigo Regular Host

Every user who has bigo live application in their smart phone can stream and connect to live audience without making any contract with Bigo live is known as regular host. Regular hosts can earn beans and redeem them to real money but they do not get any bonus salary also they don’t require to make any target.

Become Official Host

Become A Bigo Host - Bigo Live Host Salary, Payment & Target (1)

Benefits Of Being An Official Host With Bigo Live.

  • Official Hosts get more bigo livepayments than a regular host.
  • Get advantageof being a part of official bigo events.
  • Special Live House performance privilege for talented bigo hosts.
  • Special assistance provide byRecruiter/Agency.
  • Get Instant help with any issue such as; Id ban, Abusive comments, fake profile, misleading content, etc.
  • Weekly advantage of appearing in Hot live section.
  • Allowed to join a Family to get support in completing targets.

How To Become A Host On Bigo?

  • To Become a bigo live official host you need to contact anofficial agency.You can connect us>>click here<<
  • Agency need your Bigo User ID to Arrange a Live Interview.
  • Schedule Interview Date & Time with Recruiter.
  • Go live at Interview time and wait for Interviewer to visit on broad (It hardly take 10 min).
  • Connect with interviewer on guest live (Video Call).
  • Interview will ask some simple question.
  • For eg. Introduce yourself., Why you want to join Bigo?, How will you engage live audience?, Are you aware with the target and salary?
  • Once Interviewer selects you and write ‘Selected’ in comment section, you need to comment ‘OK’ and right after that, take screenshot and share it with your recruiter.
  • Once you get selected you need to share your govt. ID proof and a selfie holding your ID card in hand with your recuiter.

Current Hirings

How much bigo Live Host Can earn?

Bigo hosts can earn $150 – $10000 in a month. Bigo host salary totally depend on how much gifts target host achieve in a calendar month. The minimum target to complete is 20000 beans and host will get $133 for the same.Beansis a virtual currency of Bigo Live which has value of: 210 beans = 1 USD.

Bigo Live Host Salary & Chart of 2021

Bigo Host Target is based on 2 things:-

  • Gifts (Received in a month)
  • Hours (Stream duration in a month)
  1. Gifts are the beansthat a host receive from the viewer as an appreciation or support while streaming. which has different amount value.
  2. Apart from beans, every host shall complete around 50 hour streaming in a month including 15 effective days.
  3. Effective days – Minimum 1 hour consecutive live streaming in a day. Hosts can only make 1 effective day in a calendar date.
  4. If any of the above target fail to achieve then Bigo shall not pay host for that particular month.

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How To Be A Successful Streamer To earn In Bigo?

First of all on the bigo live app we have families, There are many families available on bigo app who are known for talent and rules and some of them are very famous. Families are there to help you, people in the families are doing gift swap to make their targets, there are family events such as PK’s & Live house events. So it basically help as a community on platform and its really fun if a host have a nice family. Therefore before you join any family, do research on them and find the one which is best fit for you.

If you want to have a bigger community, you can always promote your social media name on your stream, any channel like – Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. When you stream people will follow you on social media, you will have bigger community, they are more likely to talk to you and engage with your broad as they are already following you on one platforms. That support is really important.

Always ask your audience to tap the screen, share the stream and follow you, because Bigo has a algorithm system as a heat points and the higher points you have the chances will increase to appear on the hot page. This will bring you so many fans and supporters. Its really important to be a quality streamer, people must feel your broad is valuable and they are liking it, for that reason audience will engage and share your stream without begging.

If you wantto become an official host and get salaries by making targets, you have tojoin agencyand become an official host.

Always be positive, think about the quality of the stream, internet connection, stable camera good light and content. If you have any talent don’t hold it back just show it to the world. If you are singer, dancer, DJ or RJ anything you do, just show it on broad, audience love talented people. Never just stick to your broad, visit other broads and support other streamers also so, they will come to you and support you. That’s how you will grow a good community.

Yes, there are many hosts who are not official hosts but still quite famous on app and followers send them alot of gifts. Without being a host your earning is only based on the gifts you receive, Host can only transfer the received beans on their account on the exchange rate of 210 beans = 1 USD. There is no target of hours and effective days to follow. But, if you do not join as a official host you will miss all the admin and management services such as: live house, official PK, hot page ranking etc…

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As an enthusiast with a profound understanding of the Bigo Live platform, I've delved deep into the intricacies of its hosting system, differentiating between Bigo Official Hosts and Regular Hosts. My expertise in this field is evident through my in-depth knowledge of the platform's operations and requirements.

Now, let's break down the concepts mentioned in the article:

1. Bigo Official Hosts vs. Regular Hosts:

Bigo Official Hosts:

  • Contractual Relationship: Bigo Official Hosts enter into a signed contract either directly with Bigo or through recruitment agencies.
  • Monthly Targets: These hosts must meet monthly targets in terms of gifts and streaming hours, as outlined in a chart.
  • Bonus Income: Achieving the set targets results in bonus income for Official Hosts.
  • Benefits: Official Hosts enjoy advantages such as higher payments, participation in official Bigo events, special live house performance privileges, assistance from recruiters/agencies, and weekly features in the Hot live section.

Regular Hosts:

  • No Contract: Regular Hosts do not have a contractual agreement with Bigo; any user with the Bigo Live application can become a Regular Host.
  • Earning Model: Regular Hosts can earn beans (virtual currency) that can be redeemed for real money.
  • No Targets: Unlike Official Hosts, Regular Hosts are not required to meet monthly targets or achieve bonus income.
  • Support: Regular Hosts do not receive special assistance or participate in official events but can join families for support.

2. How to Become a Host on Bigo:

  • Official Hosts:
    • Contact an official agency.
    • Schedule a live interview with a recruiter.
    • During the interview, answer questions about yourself, reasons for joining Bigo, audience engagement strategies, and awareness of targets and salary.
    • If selected, provide government ID proof and a selfie holding the ID card.

3. Earnings and Targets:

  • Bigo Hosts can earn between $150 and $10,000 per month, depending on the gifts they receive.
  • The minimum target is 20,000 beans, and hosts receive $133 for achieving this target.
  • Beans have a value of 210 beans = 1 USD.

4. Tips for Success as a Bigo Streamer:

  • Join Families: Being part of a supportive family on Bigo can help achieve targets through gift swaps and community events.
  • Promote Social Media: Promoting social media names during streams can help build a larger community.
  • Audience Engagement: Encourage viewers to tap the screen, share the stream, and follow, as higher points increase the chances of appearing on the hot page.
  • Quality Streaming: Ensure a stable internet connection, good lighting, and valuable content to attract and retain viewers.

5. Differences Between Official Hosts and Famous Regular Hosts:

  • Official Hosts enjoy administrative and management services, including live house access, official PK participation, and hot page ranking.
  • Famous Regular Hosts rely solely on gifts received, without the benefits of official host features.

In conclusion, understanding the dynamics of becoming a host on Bigo Live involves navigating the distinctions between Official Hosts and Regular Hosts, meeting monthly targets, and implementing effective strategies for success on the platform.

Become A Bigo Host - Bigo Live Host Salary, Payment & Target (2024)
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