Oats Overnight Review: A Fiber- and Protein-Rich Breakfast (2024)

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It’s no secret that time is an extremely limited resource, and proper time management is a key to success no matter what your goal is. Many people struggle to balance their time and get adequate sleep, and mornings can be an especially difficult period to navigate when it comes to making optimal wellness decisions. One of the first casualties of this circ*mstance is usually breakfast. An overwhelming majority of people either skip breakfast, toss together a quick meal that is lacking in staying power, or grab fast food that may leave them feeling worse off later in the day. You may not have time to put together a quick healthy snack first thing when you wake up. I get it. When the alarm goes off, the first moments of your day may currently feel like an episode of The Amazing Race as you gather your bearings and hit the ground running to tackle your day.

But there are options to make your mornings just a little bit easier. One particular brand doing an amazing job at solving this particular dilemma is Oats Overnight. Their oatmeal is quick, delicious, and packed with both protein and fiber. Wipe the sweat off your brow—mornings just got easier!

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Daily Protein Intake Recommendation

Dietary protein intake is one of the most important factors when it comes to transforming your physique. Protein is responsible for a variety of bodily functions, including tissue growth and maintenance, transportation of various substances throughout the body, and production of important molecules like hormones. We just wouldn’t operate right without it.

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How much protein should we be consuming daily? Well, the amount is dictated by several factors. The basic recommendation is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, but that’s essential to just prevent protein deficiency. For basic protein synthesis, requirements may go up to 1.4 to 2.0 grams per kilogram of body weight for more active people. Consuming more protein at regular intervals is the way to go if you are looking to live optimally. Your body’s protein stores need to consistently be replenished since you can only store so much protein at one time. If you are looking to thrive, you must pack meals with enough protein. I love Oats Overnight because each serving packs a whopping 34 grams of protein when you add milk. In addition, it’s also fiber-rich and contains superfoods such as chia and flax seeds.

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You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and taste because you don’t have time. Oats Overnight doesn’t make you choose between the two. It doesn’t just need to be for breakfast, either. I know you’re probably not carrying around a Vitamix Blender with you every time you go to the gym. Oats can also serve as a perfect post-workout protein option.

How to Make Overnight Oats

The beauty of Oats Overnight is in this product’s simplicity. This efficient and portable breakfast can be made in about 20 seconds. Before you go to bed, simply add milk or a milk substitute, shake the bottle slightly, place it in your fridge, and voila! You have an on-the-go option that puts fast food to shame and makes it much easier to start your day with some adequate fuel.

Oats Overnight was a game-changer for me. On most days, I wake up at 4 am and have limited time to set myself up for success before I sprint out to take care of clients. Oats Overnight has not only kept me fuller in the mornings, they’ve also given me peace of mind. By throwing the oats in the fridge the night before, I have more time in the morning to meditate, write in my gratitude journal, and get in some movement. In the mornings where I have a little more time, I opt to place the oats in the microwave and have them hot in the traditional fashion. It’s truly something that I look forward to when I wake up.

Plant-Based Meals

The only knock I have on Oats Overnight is that the classic flavors use some artificial sugars to add some sweetness. I don’t know how you feel about artificial sweeteners, but for me sometimes it can cause a little bit of unrest in my stomach. I had one or two of these experiences with the oats when I first tried them, but it seemed to get better over time. For those with specific dietary restrictions or preferences (like non-dairy), Oats Overnight has a line powered by plants and sweetened with monk fruit, a more natural alternative. At times it can be difficult to find high-powered vegan and veggie protein sources for breakfast, but this product makes that an issue of the past. With flavors like Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Cacao Crunch and Chai Latte, you will fall in love with Oats Overnight. I highly recommend it.

Oats Overnight Review: A Fiber- and Protein-Rich Breakfast (2024)


Oats Overnight Review: A Fiber- and Protein-Rich Breakfast? ›

it's not bad, but I've noticed that it has the most "protein" taste. As long as you give it at least 8 hours in the fridge, it's pretty good. I really suggest coconut milk or something with a little more "taste" to it. Apple Cinnamon: I feel like other apple cinnamon flavors skimp out on the cinnamon.

Are overnight oats a good source of fiber? ›

Overnight oats offer a range of health benefits, due to their rich fibre and protein content. They also contain a number of vitamins and minerals, some of which include manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc.

Are overnight oats enough for breakfast? ›

Overnight oats offer a convenient and healthful breakfast option packed with nutrients, fibre, and versatility. Whether you're looking to boost your morning routine with a nutritious meal or explore new flavours, overnight oats can be a delicious and satisfying choice to kick-start your day on the right note.

Can I eat overnight oats for breakfast everyday? ›

Overnight oats are perfectly safe to be eaten every day. You may even eat them every morning if you like. However, some say that they feel oats give them digestive issues; overnight oats are not unsafe for those without medical conditions that affect digestion.

Are overnight protein oats good for you? ›

High protein in overnight oats are a perfect source of energy especially if you're an athlete. Because oats contain dietary fiber, protein, B vitamins and minerals, they are also excellent for building muscles. The magnesium it contains promotes muscle regeneration and relieves muscle cramps.

Which is healthier oatmeal or overnight oats? ›

Overnight oats are the more nutritious option, but that doesn't mean that this meal is for everyone.

What are the benefits of eating overnight oats everyday? ›

The Health Benefits of Overnight Oats
  • Aids in the prevention of heart disease. Oats include beta-glucan, a soluble fibre that has been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels by boosting the excretion of cholesterol-rich bile. ...
  • Aids in Weight Loss. ...
  • Immune System Booster. ...
  • Enhances Brain Function. ...
  • Helps Relieve Constipation.
Jun 20, 2022

Are overnight oats good for gut health? ›

Oats improve gut health

The resistant starches found in oats also provide a rich food source for the friendly bacteria that live in your gut, which helps keep your microbiome in good balance. Interestingly, these friendly bacteria are hard at work when they are well-fed.

What kind of milk is best for overnight oats? ›

Overnight Oats are great with all kinds of milk, dairy (pasteurized) or non-dairy. Feel free to use your favorite! We do not recommend making Overnight Oats with water because it will result in an overly liquid texture. Did this answer your question?

Why put chia seeds in overnight oats? ›

Why Do You Put Chia Seeds in Overnight Oats? Chia seeds up the nutrition content in overnight oats. They're loaded with good-for-your-gut fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, which help calm inflammation in your body and may protect you from chronic disease. They also add a nice protein boost to this recipe.

Should overnight oats be refrigerated? ›

Stir equal parts old-fashioned rolled oats and a liquid such as milk in a jar or container with a lid. If you're adding any sweeteners or fruit like berries, stir those in now as well. Step two: Cover and chill. Cover the container or seal the jar's lid and store in the refrigerator overnight.

Do overnight oats spike blood sugar? ›

Oats have a low glycemic index, meaning they cause a slower and more gradual rise in blood sugar levels compared to refined carbohydrates. This slow release of glucose into the bloodstream helps prevent spikes in blood sugar, promoting stable glycemic control.

What's the difference between oatmeal and overnight oats? ›

The intensity of heat while cooking is the contributing factor, lower the heat better the nutrient availability. When you soak the oats overnight, it's almost like you're cooking them, but the process is much longer and slower, and it's done without heat. Hence, it is more nutrient rich than cooked version.

Can I eat overnight oats for weight loss? ›

For those looking for a fiber-rich, protein-filled breakfast that requires little to no effort at all to help with their weight loss goals, overnight oats are the ideal solution.

Do you eat overnight oats cold? ›

Overnight oats are meant to be eaten cold, however, if you prefer warm oats you always have the option to heat them up. Because you soak the oats overnight, they become soft and easy to digest making them delicious eaten cold!

How much fiber is in overnight oats? ›

Oats: The best type of oats for overnight oats are old fashioned oats. They provide 4 grams of fiber per serving. Chia seeds: These little seeds are a nutrition powerhouse! Each serving of this recipe has 1 tablespoon of chia seeds.

Are overnight oats good for constipation? ›

Oatmeal is a good source of fiber, particularly soluble fiber. As a result, it helps add moisture to the stool, which makes it softer and easier to pass. Other high-fiber foods like fruits, nuts and seeds pair well with oatmeal and could increase the meal's or snack's constipation-relieving benefits.

Do overnight oats have more fiber than cooked oats? ›

The benefits of overnight oatmeal

As discussed in the previous section, the soaking and temperature make it retain nutrients better. Overnight oats retain its fiber content better, keeping you full and energetic for a long period. People aiming at weight management can draw many benefits from this aspect of oatmeal.

How much fibre does overnight oats have? ›

Nutrition Information (per 1 adult serving)
  • Calories: 370.
  • Total fat: 14 g.
  • Saturated fat: 1 g.
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg.
  • Sodium: 120 mg.
  • Total carbohydrate: 49 g.
  • Dietary fiber: 7 g.
  • Sugars: 19 g.

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